Friday, February 04, 2005

Fox News Channel's When Journalists Behave Badly, Part 2:

Got Richard Leiby on the phone. Hopefully will soon have those details regarding exactly the $148,000 in damages that Jennifer 8. Lee purportedly did to her apartment. He is going to email me over a copy of the complaint.

But bigger news, or so I thought: I told him about my little experiment. A traditional old school journalist who has never blogged before blogging for the first time and-- for twenty four hours straight at that.

He got a kick out of the idea (or rather, more probably, it was a slow news day) and said he may want to write about my 'lil blog for his Sunday column. Too good to be true! After all, I still have not as of yet even had my first reader or unique visitor. And after scheming so hard (apparently unsuccessfully) to get Mickey Kaus (Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey, You're So Fine!) to link to me, to get into the Washington Post! A blogger's dream come true.

However, after reading that I had written kind words about him in the blog, Richard wondered whether some readers might view his mentioning of my blog as another example of "log rolling in our time". My chance at the big time is gone! I think. Here and gone too quick. One possibility is that I simply delete from my previous post my kind words for Richard. LOL.

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Ranger said...

Wasn't it "Mickey, Mickey, youy so fine"?