Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Plame Game Over... Finally, My Valerie Plame Grand Jury Story is Out....

I broke some news this very morning as to what the Plame grand jury has been up to. I might be disciplined by the bloggers ethics board... for breaking news.

Here on the American Prospect Online Edition, I wrote:

"The special prosecutor investigating whether any Bush administration official may have violated federal law by leaking the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak, recently informed a federal court that his investigation has been `for all practical purposes complete' since Oct. 2004.

"The disclosure, by the special counsel, Patrick Fitzgerald, that he completed virtually aspects of his federal grand jury as long as six months ago was made in paperspapers the prosecutor filed in court on March 22. Despite the fact that the filing has been on the public record since then, it has previously been unreported."

I will update the story here on my blog soon.

Among those writing or commenting on this today are Dan Froomkin, of the Washington Tom Brune of Newsday has written a story. And Jim Romenesko plays the story big time on Editor & Publisher has also posted a story on their website. Tom Grieve also features my TAP story in Salon's war room.

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