Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Libby trial: The defense rests... but not before the presiding judge becomes quite angry at defense counsel.

Early tomorrow afternoon: I have a new story in the National Journal. It is long, more than 5,000 words long, and some, although not very much about the trial. Thanks to my editor, Bob Gettlin,and his patience. If this post is so short, it is because I don't have hardly any energy left to write another word.

In the meantime, the Times profiles Jane (Hamsher).

It wasn't the NY Post or Daily News that had the best headline from the trial, but Jane...

The jurors speak.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Novak on the stand.

I wish someone would ask him about his Sept. 29, 2003 conversation with Rove.
Libby trial: Finally... Walter Pincus discloses who his source was who told him that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, has allegedly sent him on his mission to Niger, and also suggested that he was sent because of nepotism: Ari Fleischer.

That explains more why Fleischer only agreed to testify with a grant of prosecutorial immunity, both before the federal grand jury and trial. It is surprising that this information did not come up during Fleischer's own lengthy testimony.

It's interesting as to why neither the defense or prosecution brought this out when Fleischer testified. It would seem to help the prosecution's case, one would presume, because Fleischer learned the information from Libby, thus seeming to corroborate Fleischer's testimony that he learned about Plame from Libby.

Update: The Washington Post now has a long story posted online regarding Pincus' testimony.