Monday, May 07, 2012

Baseball notes: Barry Zito somehow has apparently done a deal with the devil-- to pitch like-- trade places with-- Tim Lincecum. Since Zito and Lincecum play on the same team it's difficult how this deal with the devil helps the Giants exactly.

 The Marlins finally get going. Tough division now, since it is already quite possible that the Phillies, Atlanta, and Nats might win ninety games. The Marlins may win eighty. The only thing preventing this is that teams in the same division play too many games together for this to happen.

We take back Nats Park for an evening-- as it rightfully Philadelphia's anyway. Fifteen more games this season between the two teams. Hopefully I'll get to see Cliff Lee and/or Cole Hamels pitch to Bryce Harper more than once this year.