Thursday, February 10, 2005

So I am halfway through my week long around-the-clock experiment in blogging:

Apparently, I misspoke (or rather miswrote) earlier when I claimed to have three unique visitors or readers to my blog. A unique visitor or reader is anyone who reads the blog who is not a friend or acquaintance who I have told about the blog.

I have revised my circulation/unique visitor numbers after the following conversation with my friend Rick:

Me: I think I have three readers.

Rick: How do you know?

Me: I have had three different people post comments!

Rick: Ah... um... Is one of them named Ranger?

Me: Yeah. How did you know?

Rick: Um... ahhh... that was me, dude. Sorry.

For the record, I am not running the Tribune Company. I don't want a federal grand jury investigating my circulation numbers, and my advertisers demanding rebates. If my circulation numbers were inflated by a third, it was.... I swear... inadvertent. Anyone who still has an issue regarding this, please direct your queries to my friend, Rick... er, Ranger.

Some other observations about my blogging experiences:

First, I want an editor badly! And I want a copy editor! Both positions are now open.

Second, the medium itself does lend itself to a lack of reflection and incivility. I have reread my own lengthy post on controversialism and am appalled to conclude... that I wonder if I myself haven't sunk into controversialism. If one were to ask Emily Post to blog, even she would turn less than civil in short order.

Third, bloggers are indeed too self referential. For evidence of such, read the above paragraph, as well as this paragraph.

Finally, I have successfully held Richard Leiby off for another day. I had real fears that he was going to mention my blog in the Reliable Source. One goal of this experiment is to see how many people, if anyone, naturally comes to this blog without it having been linked to from somewhere else. So, anyone else, if you feel the necessity of linking to this blog... don't just yet, please. On the other hand, it is somewhat discouraging at time to write this much for just two unique visitors (although I do love you both) .... so if someone out there just must link to me, there is little that I can really do to stop you.

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