Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This may be nepotism or favoritism of sorts (although it's not like I recommended anyone for a junket to Niger or anything-- have to have a Plame reference in every post so as not to alienate my readers who only want to read about the Libby trial), but I recommend that everyone who reads this blog-- all six of you, and on some days as many as seven or eight-- vote for this particular blog for the Travvies award, an award for the best travel blogs. The blog has already been named as a finalist. (It is always an honor to just be nominated by the Academy!) Even if she doesn't win, maybe some more of you will come by her blog.

Meanwhile, congratulations to this blog for winning an award as Best D.C. blog. (I first came upon this blog... well never mind for now.) He/she should also win for best acceptance speech/blog post:

"We won this together. The journey of a thousand miles began with your single click. I thank my grandmother, my mother, my brothers back home, my brothers who are here with me now, and my aunt who's back at the hotel. And Jennifer Holliday and Velvet -- thank you, Jennifer Holliday and Velvet.

"I never gave up the dream of becoming Best DC Blog. When told I couldn't do it, I just pushed harder. But without all of you, I couldn't have have achieved any of this."

I personally voted for Thong Speed. The name of that particular blog alone had me at hello.

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